Positive Mindset



Why is it important to have a positive mindset?

Thoughts = feelings = actions = results

Your mindset determines the action you will take and the results you will achieve.

1)       Be client attractive

  • Personal branding is so important – from the way you shake hands to the way you present your business card
  • First impressions last and only take 30 seconds to form in someone’s mind so make sure it’s a good one
  • Ask yourself – would you do business with you?

2)       Be clear on why you want to network

  • Set an intention and visualise the outcome you want
  • When you are clear on the ‘why’ – the ‘how’ will happen without you worrying about it

3)       Be conscious

Humans have the ability to consciously choose our state of mind and emotion – you can only feel one emotion at once so pick a positive one and focus on it

4)       Positive mindset

  • Having a positive mindset and acting in positive ways will lead you to get clear on your goals and purpose
  • Attract what you radiate – desperate vibes are not good

5)       Be open

  • Attend events without pre-conceptions
  • Go with an open mind and try not to judge others just by their words and body language (they might be nervous too!)

6)       Eradicate your FEAR

  • False Evidence Appearing Real
  • Fear is only in your mind if you allow it to be there
  • Successful people feel fear but do it anyway
  • Overcome fear by focusing on how you can add value to others (the law of compensation at work here!)

7)       Be the host

Pretend the party or event is yours and be a host by welcoming people and introducing them to others – it will take your mind off your nerves, raise your profile in the room and increase your confidence levels.

8)       Be the person you want to meet

  • Avoid cheesy and overpowering salesy techniques – networking is not selling, it’s about connecting with people
  • Stop being interesting – be interested

9)       Be prepared

Anticipate questions people might have about you and your business and offer authentic responses.

10)   Have the end in mind

  • Visualise what success looks like for you from networking (short and long term) and expect success
  • Be ready to receive it when it happens
  • Don’t be disappointed if nothing happens instantly, keep smiling and continue

(Source from Elyse-Anne Lim, the founder of Purposely in Love)


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