Charity Events


Property Agent Charity Event 2007.

Our 1st Charity Event 2007 for the Children of Ang Mo Kio Center


2007 :  Our 1st Charity Event Started 2007, making a day of difference for the children at Ang Mo Kio Center. There was alot of fun for children and volunteer. From that on we decided to make it a point to make a different to the society every year.


Charity Event 2008

Our Charity Event at Macperson Center for the Elderly in 2008


2008 : In year 2008, we did a charity event for the Elderly at Macperson Center during the Lunar Festival. There was alot of Music and Performing. We came to found out alot of talents in our Division. Both Elderly and Volunteers was in very high Sprit. Moon cake and gift was given at the end of the date. and there was firework too!


7Charity Event 2009 4 520

Charity 2009 1 520

photo 2009 520

Watch Video Montage of the Event 2009

2009 :  We did a children event during the children day at Canosaville Children Home at Circuit Raod. its was a very Wow event for the children. Our Associates dressed up as Fairy Tale and Cartoon Character having games and interaction together with children. A funny but educational play of Lunar Festival was act on the stage by our Associates. There is also professional Magic show provide for them. Our Charity partner Pizzahut Sponsor the children pizza for Lunch. You could see the happiness and excitement from the children eyes Through out the whole event.


CAMBODIA 2009 520

COMBODIA 2009 4 520

CAMBODIA 2009 3 520

CAMBODIA 2009 2 520

CONBODIA 2009 5 520

2009 : Sometime later the same year in 2009, We had followed the company for a Cambodia Trip. In Combodia, Student had to travel a long distance to a place to study. Many was killed at the accident on the road.  We had been doing donation for over a year. Company managed to raised the fund a built a School in Kampal Village of Combodia. Our associates Volunteer to be there to do the final touch up of the school. We had do some painting onto the wall of the school. Gave donation item and interact with the student and teacher there.


charity 2010 520

Charity 2010 2 520

Charity 2010 4 520



2010 : A Cross Division Charity Event, Combine effort with Ray Teo & Associates and Chris Choo & Associates. We did a wonderful and colourful event for the children of sunbeam place at Choa Chu Kang.





2016: Way to Joy 3. This is our 3rd Years Join Charity Event with Bedok CC. Our Volunteers Give all Love and Care to accompany the elderly, dancing and singing. We felt so Heartwarming that the elderly enjoy themselves so much!